What’s new in the Akeneo 3.1 release?

Akeneo recently announced the new release of Akeneo PIM – Akeneo 3.1. Akeneo 3.1 is set to deliver improvements on the features reference entities and Franklin Insights which were released in the 3.0 release back in February 2019.

Current Akeneo PIM customers who are using the Serenity Mode (SaaS) will be automatically upgraded to Akeneo PIM 3.1 from Wednesday May 8th. Those customers who are running in Flexibility Mode (PaaS) and On-Premises will have already had the option to upgrade on April 30th.

What is Akeneo?

Akeneo is a PIM solution designed to centralise all your product data into one place, making it easier to enrich, translate and prepare products for exports to multiple channels.

Akeneo 3.1 release new features

Here are the main highlights from the new release which only apply to the Enterprise Edition.

Reference entity enrichment improvements:

  • Filter the options and reference entities links attributes in the grid
  • Display the options and reference entities links in the grid

Franklin Insights enhancements:

  • Filter subscribed products in the product grid
  • Add the subscribed products information as a column in the product grid
  • Display family label in the Attribute mapping screen

Reference Entities Improvements

Filter options and reference entities links attributes in the grid

The new enhancements to reference entities expands on the full search which was introduced in the 3.0 release meaning you can search for further attributes that have both single and multiple options or reference entity single/multiple links. In these cases, an exact search is useful to find the specific value and you can filter these attribute types in the record grid like in the example shown below.

How can I use this?

If a «Brand» reference entity has a «Designers» attribute linked to a «Designer» reference entity, you can search for all brands where the designer is «Ron Arad.»

Display options and reference entities links in the reference entities grid

You will now also be able to view the values mentioned above (single/multiple options and reference entity single/multiple links) in the records grid as shown below.

Record completeness added to reference entity links

With the 3.1 update, it is now possible to check whether all the reference entities are complete when working within products. This feature will appear for the product when a reference entity is linked to it.

Franklin Insights Improvements

Filter on subscribed products in the product grid

A new filter which allows you to easily identify which products have been unsubscribed to so you can subscribe to these again in bulk has been added to the new Akeneo release. This will obviously save time having to re add these manually which was a frustration with previous versions of Akeneo.

Display family label in the Attributes mapping screen

With Akeneo 3.1, there is now the ability to add ‘family labels’ in the Attributes mapping screen. This means you will see which family a product is designated to when subscribing to products.

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