What You Need To Know About The Akeneo 3.2 Release

Akeneo has recently released its 3.2 version which is set to build on the new capabilities introduced in the 3.0 version such as reference entities, Franklin Insights and workflow enhancements. Akeneo PIM Serenity Mode customers will automatically be updated to the new version in mid August 2019, so there will be no need to update this manually.

Akeneo PIM 3.2 release features

Here are the main highlights of the new 3.2 release:

Reference entity improvements

New number attribute type

The first improvement is the new number attribute type which will enable reference entities to have attribute types with a numeric value. These values can be specified as decimals and have minimum and maximum values.

New ability to display products linked to a reference entity

The next improvement 3.2 introduces is a new Products tab where you can easily access products directly from the reference entity record.

Franklin Insights enhancements

Exact match attribute mapping

New to Franklin Insights is the ability to automatically map attributes where the fields are an exact match in Franklin and in the PIM catalogue. This will reduce the need to do manual mapping where the fields and attribute names are different.

Suggest attributes for a family

If Franklin finds an attribute that is in a different family, a button will appear that will enable you to add the attribute to the current family which will help streamline the mapping process.

Suggest creating new attributes

If Franklin finds an attribute that doesn’t exist in the PIM, an option to create a new attribute will appear, so that in a single action, you can quickly create a new attribute and attach it to the family without having to exit the mapping screen.

Work in progress bar for attribute mapping

Another new improvement to Franklin Insights is a progress bar that shows the number of attributes mapped compared to how many are remaining to do.

Faster proposal generation

The time to generate a proposal in the 3.2 version from Franklin Insights has been changed from once per hour to once every five minutes – making the process 12 times faster!

Workflow enhancements

Filter on draft status in the product grid

As part of the enrichment workflow, changes to products are usually reviewed and approved before they’re distributed to the catalogue. To make the review process easier, version 3.2 introduces a ‘draft status’ in the product grid.

Bulk and sequential edit and send draft for approval

Before 3.2, sending a draft for approval could only be performed one product at a time via the ‘send for approval’ button. In 3.2, workflow validation can now occur as a sequential edit or bulk edit. The sequential edit will have a ‘send and next’ button to allow you to immediately send drafts for approval and move onto the next.

Similarly, a new checkbox in Bulk Actions lets you send multiple products for validation at once.

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