BigCommerce is a leading eCommerce builder that powers tens of thousands of online stores in over 150 countries.

With the help of an Akeneo PIM solution from 52 Northwest, you can connect your BigCommerce store and manage your entire product catalogue quickly and easily across third party marketplaces and ERP systems.


BigCommerce is great for all types of businesses, whether you’re a small business looking to scale up, a large or fast-growing business, BigCommerce has been found to help its clients grow by an average of 28% YoY.

It is the only eCommerce builder that lets you sell physical, digital and service based products without having to use an app. Once you have all your products set up, there are over 40 integrated payment gateways to choose from including PayPal, Apple Pay and Ayden.

The platforms

This could be the beginning of something BIG!