Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP supports a wide range of industries, but is more focused in helping manufacturing companies grow, innovate and compete in today’s ever-changing global landscape.

When implemented with a quality PIM solution like Akeneo, your product data and website syncs seamlessly with your day to day operations by integrating with all major ERP systems, including Epicor ERP.


Epicor provides an on-premises version of its ERP software, as well as a variety of cloud options, including hybrid, multi-tenant and single tenant deployments. Epicor ERP enables stronger, fact-based decisions with robust, built-in analytics to help you achieve the highest profitability.

Epicor ERP core is rich in accounting and finance features, with a wide range of financial reports, financial statements, general ledgers and other core finance functions. It also offers end-to-end supply chain management, with an extensive array of manufacturing features, from scheduling to monitoring.

The platforms

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