Digital Asset Management

Integrating Akeneo PIM with a Digital Asset Management solution allows you to have full control over your digital media.

With DAM you can organise and enrich all your media: images, videos, documents etc, manage copyright and permissions and much more. Sophisticated automation and intelligent search functionality reduces the time carrying out manual tasks, whilst cloud-based solutions allow for access remotely.


Akeneo PIM + Digital Asset Management

Product Content Syndication

Drive more revenue to your business with product content syndication software integrated with Akeneo PIM which helps you distribute to hundreds of sales channels with ease.

With product content syndication there is less reliance on manual input, fewer chances of disapproved products and significantly lower running costs helping you to maximise your revenue while reducing your overheads. Ultimately it helps you to create a consistent and compelling product experience across all your digital touch points.


Product Content Syndication

Feed Management

Not all sales channels are alike, and managing product data feeds for each marketplace can be a huge drain on your in-house resources.

Create custom data feeds with Akeneo PIM that propagate to sales channels quickly, without the need for multiple, tedious spreadsheets. Work smarter, not harder with a feed management solution that works for you.


Akeneo PIM + Feed Management


Whilst print might not be as prevalent in the digital age, when used efficiently it can still be an effective source of revenue.

With Akeneo PIM you can export product information with ease straight into your design tool of choice, e.g.Adobe® InDesign® or Illustrator®, for print catalogues, magazines, leaflets and just about any other print material you can think of.  This ensures a consistent customer experience  with the same product data used across digital and print channels.


Akeneo PIM + Print

Translation & Localisation

Ensuring your product data is correctly translated is key to growing your business’s reach into new markets.

Furthermore, ensuring that your product listings adhere to local currencies, weights, taxes and even SEO can make or break your international expansion. Akeneo PIM translation services allow you to translate your product content in just a few clicks, whilst your team benefits from a streamlined workflow and remote access through the cloud.


Akeneo PIM translation services

This could be the beginning of something BIG!