Akeneo Enterprise Features – Franklin Insights

By 52northwest | 14th October 2019

Franklin Insights is a great new feature for Akeneo Enterprise Edition which allows you to easily map product data attributes…

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MDM Vs PIM: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

By 52northwest | 22nd August 2019

The digital universe is increasing and more than ever before we are flooded in a sea of data. The IDC…

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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Single Sign-On

By 52northwest | 15th August 2019

Another key feature of the Akeneo Enterprise Edition is single-sign on which is a powerful tool for productivity. Find out…

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What You Need To Know About The Akeneo 3.2 Release

By 52northwest | 8th August 2019

Akeneo has recently released its 3.2 version which is set to build on the new capabilities introduced in the 3.0…

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Product Data Quality: 5 Steps to Improving Product Data

By 52northwest | 29th July 2019

Having high quality and accurate product data is essential in converting customers, but just because the data is there doesn’t…

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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Reference Entities

By 52northwest | 25th July 2019

The Reference Entities feature is only available on the Akeneo Enterprise Edition and is all about delivering better product experiences.…

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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Teamwork Assistant

By 52northwest | 12th July 2019

Teamwork Assistant is an Akeneo Enterprise Feature that lets you manage your enrichment projects directly in the PIM. This feature can…

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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Validation Workflow

By 52northwest | 27th June 2019

Validation Workflow is another key feature exclusively available in the Akeneo Enterprise edition. This feature lets you review and approve…

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Akeneo Enterprise Features – Product Asset Manager

By 52northwest | 20th June 2019

Product Asset Manager, another Akeneo Enterprise Edition feature which makes it easier to view, manage and control images in your…

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